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Our Background

Since its inception in 1972, Applied Scholastics has opened the doors of opportunity for millions of children and adults by implementing effective educational programs in a vast array of settings.  The effectiveness is based upon our use of the advanced educational tools and methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Applied Scholastics is an educational 501(c)3 organization and our 100-acre international educator training facility located in Northern St. Louis county is also the home to the Applied Scholastics Learning Center; offering a variety of tutoring and educational assistance to the residents of our surrounding communities.


Our Expertise

Since 2005 the Applied Scholastics Achievement Program (ASAP) has been used by tutors across the United States to remediate and provide extra help to students in reading, language arts and mathematics. 

Overall, a child who uses this program can progress at a rate of at least one grade level of improvement in just 20 hours of tutoring.  This is well beyond typical results with other programs.


Personalized Lessons

Tutoring is done one-on-one with a trained and caring tutor who helps each student to move through his or her program as quickly as they are able. Attention is focused on the areas of greater difficulty and always with 100% comprehension and demonstrated mastery before moving onto the next part.  Our goal is to help students understand and apply what they have learned so their knowledge reaches far beyond that of passing an exam.  This gives them the solid framework and skills they need to be confident and succeed in life. 

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Applied Scholastics Learning Center

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