Tutoring Services


We utilize the proprietary assessments of the Applied Scholastics Achievement Program (ASAP).  This tool allows us to create a personalized program for each student by pinpointing exactly where a student is failing to comprehend and successfully apply the subject matter.  This assessment can approximate the grade level for which a student demonstrates full proficiency in reading or math.  It is not a standardized test and its results are for the sole purpose of assisting a student to become fully proficient in reading or math at their 

current grade level.


Literacy is a vital tool to success in life.  The ability to read is the most important skill a person can have.  Our research-based phonics program emphasizes comprehension (not memorization) to build vocabulary and the skills necessary to read, write and spell.  

Phonics helps students learn to read so they can then read to learn.  


Math is a language.  Understanding the words used in math is the vital 

component to being able to do math.  Our gradient approach ensures that the foundation of arithmetic basics is solid before moving onto more difficult materials.  By doing so, we are able to quickly and effectively repair past difficulties that are the hidden cause of a student’s current math struggles.  

Affordable Rates

Assessments - FREE

Tutoring $25 per hour

A discount rate of $20 per hour is applied to the purchase of a block of 10 hours; the total amount of $200 must be paid in advance in order to receive this discount.

Student Success Program


Every student is required to study as part of his or her education, however none are given any formal instruction in school on how to study.  Memorization tricks and test taking strategies are not substitutes for real learning.  The ability to understand and apply information, make independent observations and form opinions about the subject matter, is the stuff of real life and is what makes one not only a successful student, but a life-long learner.

The Applied Scholastics Student Success Program is a comprehensive 40-hour program designed to do just that.  Through a series of four self-paced, independent-study courses students learn: 

•   Vital dictionary skills overlooked in today’s school systems.

•    How to identify and overcome the barriers to study ensuring that they 

      can always understand and apply what they learn.

•    The communication skills necessary to be able to effectively and 

      appropriately express themselves and handle others.

Students minimally attend two 2-hour study periods each week until the full program is complete (about 10 weeks).  Every student enrolled in the Student Success Program receives a certificate upon completion.

The Student Success Program is a flat rate cost of $250 per person.