Success Stories

What Educators Say

“To me, the greatest success of this curriculum is when an at-risk student who tried hard and failed uses it and 

achieves great success.” 

—P.Q., Middle School Teacher  

“There are solutions to the student who is behind, struggling or has given up…

Applied Scholastics gets results.” 

—Rev. Dr. Sammie Jones 

Mt. Zion M.B. Church  

“As the Presiding Elder of the St. Louis Columbia District AME Churches, I am extremely proud to be affiliated with Applied Scholastics International. The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program is on the cutting edge of learning and has proven 

to be an effective tool. 

I would recommend it to anyone.” 

—Rev C. Jessel Strong (Retired)  

“What impressed me about Mr. Hubbard’s Study Technology, which is the foundation for Applied Scholastics Achievement Program, is that his educational tenets and procedures parallel what I have found from my own independent researches to be the natural laws of learning. Its procedures engage the whole child in the learning process itself by making students aware of the barriers or obstacles that they face when trying to learn; further, they empower the student with the tools to resolve – and even prevent – those self-same barriers. They enable a student to think, which is the essential product of education.” 

—Dr. Diola Bagayoko, 

Chancellor’s Fellow 

Southern University Baton Rouge  

What Parents Say

“Before my daughter attended Applied Scholastics, her confidence was low. By the third week of school, I noticed her math grade slowly declining.  She was having difficulty completing her homework assignments, resulting in a grade of 67%.  Once I enrolled her, her grades began to increase.  In math, she was able to receive a 95% on her first test since attending.” 

—T. D., Parent

"My child has been making progress and showing improvement. As

his mother, I am very proud of him and am excited he is showing a lot

more interest in doing homework."

—E.T., Parent

"The Applied Scholastics tutoring program has been like a “life line”

being thrown in for me to grasp. I am grateful to receive the support

for my child. His future in math looks truly bright and he is having

better understanding."

—C.J., Parent

What Students Say

"I got better at my math because you've been helping me.  My teacher has been wanting to meet you because he tells me I'm doing really well.  When I did my Friday Math Daily page, I used to be really bad with lots of money.  

Now that I've been doing tutoring, my teacher says I always get all 

the money right.  

He really wants to meet you."

—K.C., Student

When I arrived at Applied Scholastics, I knew I had problems with my reading comprehension, but I did not know exactly what they were or how to fix them. In school, my teachers would imply that there was something wrong but they would never intervene because I was able to pass. They never did because they did not know how.  Taking the Study Skills for Life Course has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my academic career. I had to learn how to correct over 30 years of educational trash from my past. I thought I would not make it.  I did make it, and I plan on using my new tools and skills to get me through Grad School. I am actually looking at the techniques and how I might be able to apply it to other areas of my life.  Thanks Applied Scholastics for teaching me that these tools are my friends, backing up and taking a look at the whole situation is okay, and applying the tools makes a world of difference.

—L.J. (Adult Student)


“At the beginning of my eighth grade year I was doing horribly in my classes, especially math. I was really misbehaving and being a class clown. I knew that I was acting badly, but had no idea why. I couldn’t stop myself from misbehaving. Math, science, social studies and English were classes I fell asleep in. It all started changing after I took the Applied Scholastics Achievement Program. I know what to do now. I know the method to understand and learn. I have strong confidence in myself. One reason is because I went from an “F” to an “A” in math in the middle of the year. Now I am no longer the class clown, and I am a lot happier.” 

—C.F., Student  

Applied Scholastics Achievement Program Student Interviews